WARNING: This blog contains BDSM images and stories of an extreme nature, featuring surgeries and amputations. I do not condone rape, mutilation and any other violence against women. The pictures and scenarios that are shown here are pure fantasy and do in no way reflect reality. Any similarities with real persons or events are purely coincidental. All women depicted here are at least 18 years old.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Morphosiss Inc. Product Catalogue

Entry #23: Shemules

This crossbreed is certainly not one of the flashiest specimen in our catalogue, but nevertheless a fascinating creature on its own merits.

Like many other of our products, a shemule is usually inducted from young male individuals suffering from internet porn dependency, identified through our intelligent web crawlers. After being discreetly extracted, a personality test clarifies if the subject is submissive enough to become one of our pleasure models. If this is not the case, it is classified as livestock, qualifying for the equine class. If further tests determine that the subject lacks the strength for pulling carriages, the speed for races or the genetic eligibility for milking, it is registered for the shemule species, the lowest equine subform, and intensive hormone therapy commences.

After amputation of arms and toes, depilation and permanent dermal dying, the shemule's vocal cords are modified to only produce sounds appropriate for its species. Then, hoof shoes are permanently fixed via steel screws and several rings pierced into the subject's flesh for easier handling and better function.

To make the shemule more dependent on their owners and less likely to attempt an escape, permanent contact lenses are lasered over the subject's pupils. These lenses darken the visual field by 75 percent as well as reduce visibility by blurring objects further away than five feet.

Finally, since it's sexuality is not essential to the shemule's function, it's reproductive organ is permanently encased into a chastity device. (The testicles are kept intact due to it's unique suitability for punishment.) Furthermore, it's penis gland as well as it's anus is fixed in a dilated position for easier automatic excretion at all times.

Due to it's lack of submissiveness (see above), the shemule's hypnotic conditioning is kept at a minimum. Only a subliminal identification with its species is implanted, subtly taking hold in the subconsciousness over several months. For additional training, owners are advised to frequently make use of corporal punishment to break down resistance and use the shemule for its intended function as a pack animal as often as possible to avoid build up of rebellious intent.

Since their range of function is severely limited, shemules are the least expensive products we have on offer and are easily affordable even for less affluent customers. Unlike any other products of Morphosiss Inc. however, shemules are exempt from having a warranty and have to be maintained exclusively by their owners. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Teacher's Pet - Part Three

Art by Sador

Story by Isa Thornwood

After that first visit, Mr. Tanada came to her often, and every time there would be new reasons for tears, for deep hopeless panic as the girl was forced to watch how her own body was being changed and perverted. She seemed to be in some kind of private clinic that did all these horrible things, and they kept her blindfolded or drugged between her owner’s visits. When the time came to remove the blindfold, Missy knew that Mr. Tanada would show her new lengths of depravity, new horrible adjustments that were made to her body.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Teacher's Pet - Part Two

Art by Sador

Story by Isa Thornwood

First part here

Missy’s awareness stirred, but she couldn’t wake up. She was drifting back and forth between sluggish awareness and total blankness, and she couldn’t force herself to awake. She panicked a little bit, but even this feeling was heavy, moving slowly. She could move her body, and even her heavy breathing was almost enough to exhaust her completely. 
Little by little, she gained more and more awareness. The last thing she remembered was staying up late, studying for her last exam – after that, nothing. Not even dreams were there to fill in the gap.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Teacher's Pet - Part One

Art by Sador
Story by Isa Thornwood

You wanted to speak to me, sir?”
Slowly Missy opened the door to the office of her favourite teacher, a shy smile on her face.

She approached the professor’s desk, where Mr. Tanada was carefully arranging his papers, putting some away into his folders and preparing others for the next group. He met her with a warm smile.

I just wanted to ask you how your exams are going so far. Everything good?”

More than so.” Missy smiled shyly. “I think I’m in the top ten students so far, at least.”

Oh that’s marvelous news. Congratulations!”

His smile was warm again, genuine happiness for her. Mr. Tanada was like that. In his middle forties, he was that kind of professor whom most students loved very much. He was funny, enthusiastic, and not very strict. He would give you a few days if you were late on the project, or help you out if you hadn’t understood something.

Thank you.”

With these scores you will be granted full citizenship easily.”

Missy nodded, but reminded herself that she couldn’t relax yet. After the crisis of 2037, the government decided to fight overpopulation and scarcity of resources by introducing casts back into society. Basically, if you studied well enough and passed all social tests, you could live like a full citizen, have all the freedoms and liberties that this title gave you. However, those who failed were given a “living asset” status. Owned by large companies or private individuals, these poor souls were nothing else but slaves, forced to work or used for the entertainment of their owners.

Thank you, I hope so,” she said. “But I can’t relax just yet. You know, the fifty points rule.”

Missy was doing good, but she wasn’t out of the water yet. On every test, the student needed to score at least fifty, or they would fail no matter how good the other results were. It was a harsh world, with too many people in it to have place for everyone. Only the best were allowed to become full citizens. Thankfully, though, Missy only had one last test to pass, and she was quite confident in her ability to do so. She still made herself concentrate on that goal, and hadn’t been accepting any party invitations just yet. It would be the worst thing ever to fail on the last test because she got sick or otherwise unable to do it.
Missy was not careless like that. She was definitely going to pass.

It is especially commendable for an orphan like you to be so successful in your studies. I know it wasn’t really an equal footing for you, compared to some other students.”
Thank you! I worked really hard for it.”

Missy smoothed the folds of her top nervously, even though it was already sitting perfectly on her. It was a thing she treated herself with, after she passed Maths – her least favorite part of the curriculum. Her government-appointed allowance was very small, and she normally couldn’t buy nice things like that, having to resort to second-hand stores. Today, however, she wore a loose bright orange top that flashed her perfect flat tummy and a belly button. It matched perfectly with the tight low-rise jeans, which weren’t new, but were still in a really good condition when she bought them. She was feeling a bit awkward, talking to a professor casually one on one like that, and remembered a brief time when she had a crush on him. Missy was aware he let his eyes slip a few times to her cleavage, but that was quite natural for a man, she thought. As an attractive woman, you got used to ignoring such glances. Still, she fixed the bag that hung over her shoulder nervously, fidgeting with the strap.

It’s all thanks to you, Mr. Tanada.” Missy added. “The library pass that you gave me made a ton of difference.”

I’m glad it helped.” Another warm smile. “But you should really give yourself credit on that. You did a fine job studying this diligently.”

Missy felt the hot blush touch her cheeks. She wasn’t used to being praised like that.

Anyway, I’m glad you are doing okay,” Mr. Tanada said, straightening a stack of papers in his hands by hitting them on the table surface a few times. “That’s all I wanted to know. I wouldn’t keep you any longer.”

He watched her walk out of his office, and smiled.

To be continued... tomorrow!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Something wicked this way comes...

Just a little teaser for something I'm working on right now. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The substitute

Getting rich: For Robert Bayard, this had been easier than for most. At age 27, the talented software programmer wrote an app that could accurately predict when the time was perfect for a larger company to buy out a smaller one by analysing readily available data on the internet. He sold the app for the extraordinary sum of 500 million US dollar to a Chinese conglomerate. It promptly used Robert's invention to aggressively expand and destroy smaller enterprises on the way. That didn't bother him though. After all, he had only provided the tool and was not responsible in which way it was used, he would have argued.

Monday, December 11, 2017